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5 Reasons Why You Should Modernize Your Sales Enablement

Waleed Shah

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With technologies evolving, a lot of organizations are digitizing their sales functions for the better. Companies are also revisiting their sales enablement strategies to ensure they are not left behind in this dynamic market; a proof of which would be increasing sales enablement jobs. To modernize sales enablement is no longer an option but the need of the hour.


The objective of sales enablement continues to be the same: reaching sales quotas quickly and consistently. However, while the objective is clear, its scope is ever-changing. Needless to say, there is no universally adopted definition of sales enablement because its true meaning is still unfolding.


While sales enablement is meant to help sales reps sell more effectively, most traditional sales enablement programs fail to show how teams and departments can come together to attain organizational as well as individual objectives. With the technological advancements taking place every day, sellers expect more from sales enablement than what the traditional programs offer. 


The goal of modern sales enablement is to help sales organizations win larger deals more effectively. It optimizes the selling motion in order to increase pipeline, move opportunities forward, and efficiently drive profitable growth. It helps salesforce achieve that goal by enabling them to offer a great customer experience, combining the sales enablement platform with best practices, and showing the correlation between actions and outcomes.


Having said that, the need to modernize sales enablement is now more than ever, and here are the five good reasons to modernize sales enablement:


1. Business is in a high growth phase

Businesses that are growing at an accelerated rate often tend to address problems that are at hand rather than the ones they might face in the long term. This can wreak havoc at a later stage especially when there are no solid processes or systems in place to track and monitor organizational or individual performance. A disciplined approach while training the salesforce can lead to each sales rep having good foundational selling skills. It’ll help them connect with the customers better and eventually offer effective customer solutions.


2. The onboarding process is time-consuming

Hiring new sales reps is anyway an expensive affair for any company, and the longer it takes to have them on the floor, the higher that expense will go. Modernized sales enablement will help each sales rep enhance their performance quickly. Sales enablement solutions that help salesforce to effectively and efficiently meet their sales quotas and continue performing in the future simply translates into topline improvement.


3. Sales reps spend more time on non-core activities

The core task of any sales rep is to work towards generating qualified leads and closing deals. Every single minute spent by the salesforce on anything other than their primary job is basically unproductive. To increase productivity, an organization should focus on eliminating unproductive activities.


Modernizing your sales enablement program will help the organization to identify time-consuming non-core activities and areas of improvement for the sales reps. With the help of this data, it will increase the efficiency of the salesforce by ensuring they spend their time doing what’s expected from them- generate business.


4. Need to increase sales quotas

Every business aims to increase their sales quotas year on year but the possibility of doing so ties in with the bandwidth of the sales team. To increase sales quotas, companies need a better strategy and a new set of sales enablement tools that can enable the sales reps to deliver more. A sales enablement manager needs to make sure that the reps are given all the resources they need and are well equipped with customer knowledge, industry insights, and product details. 


The key to achieving higher quotas with the same salesforce is to ensure that your salesforce is well-trained, skilled, and equipped with the knowledge required to close the deal.


5. Marketing efforts aren’t aligned with sales

A major role of any marketing department is to create sales collateral for every stage of the sales funnel, which is in line with the sales enablement content strategy and will complement the efforts of the sales team and help them in the selling process. When sales enablement software, marketing, sales CRM, and other business processes are aligned, organizations can enhance their activities using these combined data and insight. Therefore, it is crucial that the sales and marketing efforts of the organization are aligned properly.


A sales enablement manager can help bridge the gap between marketing and sales. This collaboration can also enable the marketing team to create customizable content that sales reps can personalize based on the need of the customer.


A top modernized sales enablement software can potentially change the game for any sales organization when it comes to the sales readiness of their reps. A top modernized sales enablement software might be the key to a company’s success in these dynamic and technologically advanced times.

Waleed Shah
Product Manager

Waleed Shah is the Product Manager for Sattar Ventures LLC. Through the creation of viral VFX content, Waleed was contracted to Maker Studios (Disney Digital Network). He has worked on marketing campaigns for many iOS and Android applications including Disney, Marvel, and BMW USA. Freshly graduated from college, Waleed aims to take on the world of venture capital with his finance and biochemistry background.

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