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Does your sales enablement tool have these 8 essential features?

Waleed Shah

Sales enablement equips the sales team with the right resources making them more effective. A good Sales Enablement Tool empowers the sales force to better engage with the potential customers that in turn, leads to them meeting or even exceeding the sales goals.

The right sales enablement strategy not only makes the enabling process easier but it also allows you to gather actionable data. In this competitive marketplace, measuring progress is of utmost importance, and to measure progress, it is imperative to have easy access to key insights of the market. This makes the Sales Enablement Tool a necessity in today’s time.

Having said that, a lot of organizations, however, struggle to find an ideal sales enablement solution that fits their needs. While some Sales Enablement Tools help one solve various sales challenges, finding the one that caters to your specific requirement can be a task. While zeroing in on a Sales Enablement Tool, there are certain features you should look for. These features ensure enhanced efficiency, understanding of key insights, and transparency making them indispensable.

Let’s take a look at 8 essential features that your sales enablement tool must have -

1. Insights and Analytics

Spending your time, money, and resources on sales training programs would mean nothing if there is no way to measure its effectiveness. A mechanism that allows you to measure these efforts will help you figure out the loopholes in your sales training, and it’ll also highlight what’s working best for you.

Furthermore, these insights can help you amplify the effectiveness of internal compliance training and measure capability gaps. It can also show you actionable data such as an approximate time-money investment required to train each sales representative. Such data and insights from a sales enablement tool will help you make data-driven decisions, reduce inefficiency, and boost productivity.

2. Onboarding Management

At times, the onboarding process can be challenging as keeping the sales force engaged, tracking their readiness, and providing them with the proper stationery can get extensive, based on its scale.

The onboarding management feature allows leaders and decision-makers to equip and set their sales force in the right direction smoothly and swiftly. It enables the sales team to:

  • Build up faster and improve learning
  • Communicate better through real-time updates
  • Leverage the right tools to identify gaps

3. Automated Workflows

Having collaboration and accountability within the sales force is always a fight for a lot of organizations. Automated workflows not only make internal collaborations a cakewalk, but they also enable you to track the accountability of the representatives.

Automated workflows encourage action and motivate the teams to work hard by offering transparency.

4. Gamification

The biggest limitation of traditional onboarding and training is that it can’t be engaging all the time. Gamification bridges this gap. Gamification can turn your usual training tasks into more engaging, enjoyable, and motivating activities that will encourage the sales representative to develop their skills.

Gamification lets you offer games, quizzes, present real-life scenarios, and add a social element to the whole process.

5. Content Management

Throughout the sales funnel, the sales force depends on more than just one piece of content. It may contain a sales pitch, product brochure, competitor analysis, response drafts and templates, presentations, etc.

Content management feature ensures that you have timely access to such a variety of content through strategic organization and storage of content.  It also makes it possible to share the right content at the right stage of the funnel through certain automation options. By allowing multiple authors to collaborate, the content management feature encourages teamwork. A good sales enablement tool will also help you and your team track how the content is being used.

6. Program Management

Program management is a tactical process that helps organizations achieve their sales objectives through strategic initiatives. This comprises different related projects and a leader to oversee and lead the sales force working on individual projects.

Such projects require the collaboration of teams and integrations of activities but the leader or the program manager is responsible for ensuring a seamless flow of activities and punctual delivery. Program management feature creates and shapes programs, adds and organizes collaborators, and automates updation and communication.

7. Integrations

As the organization grows, the sales enablement practices and processes become more and more complex. Often such organizations seek aid from various tools that can help ease or automate certain processes. But having information and data scattered across multiple platforms can result in an increased turnaround time.

The best way to tackle this is to integrate these platforms with your sales enablement tool. With this feature, you can have all the information you need from various platforms such as calendars, CRM, etc. under one roof.

Such integrations help the sales force by reducing the turnaround time and speeding up the processes.

8. Governance

Governance, in sales enablement tools, lets you control permissions through the role filter. It also allows you to define specific roles for special accesses. These programs are very vast with multiple branches which makes solid governance a top priority. Therefore, applying for complex programs across multiple user roles, locations, and levels of access is an integral part of it.

If your organization is looking for a 360-degree sales enablement tool that delivers a long list of features, EnableU is a great option. EnableU offers an all-in-one sales excellence platform that combines a proven framework of standards with sales readiness and enablement tools.

Waleed Shah
Product Manager

Waleed Shah is the Product Manager for Sattar Ventures LLC. Through the creation of viral VFX content, Waleed was contracted to Maker Studios (Disney Digital Network). He has worked on marketing campaigns for many iOS and Android applications including Disney, Marvel, and BMW USA. Freshly graduated from college, Waleed aims to take on the world of venture capital with his finance and biochemistry background.

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