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The Future of Sales Enablement in the Tech Sector

Sales Enablement
Waleed Shah

The sales team's objective is to drive revenue, improve win rates, and close more deals. They can achieve the goal in a scalable, probable manner by providing solutions to the customers’ issues and promoting a better content strategy in their sales enablement business plan. If a company doesn’t maximize its efficiency of enabling the sales reps, the outcome of the revenue can be jeopardized in the end.

Future of Sales Enablement: Practice Selling Solutions Instead of Selling Products

The conventional sales enablement process predominantly revolves around sales and product training. An organization thriving on training-driven strategies is common in the traditional market, but the entire situation differs in the tech industry.

In the tech sector, sellers first sell solutions and later focus on the product or service. The tech-driven environment is very competitive when it comes down to making a comparison between the different products. Buyers evaluate the differences through price, promotional offerings, and placement. But what can influence the buyer’s decision instantly? The answer is this: Solutions. The technical sellers need to accentuate their unique selling proposition around offering real solutions to the customers’ problems.

Selling a solution in place of a product is a historical sales management strategy of the sales process designed by Frank Watts in 1975. The future of sales enablement has changed since the inception of this strategy but they missed a very significant part of the sales planning process. The idea to enable their sellers to sell a solution to their prospective customers has never been emphasized enough by the sales managers.

Coming back to the tech industry, the sales business plan needs to be tailored according to the customers’ challenges because not everything fits the mold. It is important to pay attention to the end-user utilization of the technology and sales enablement aids the sellers in assuring the outcome.

Customer-Oriented System: A Differentiated Foundation for Enablement Materials

It is the responsibility of the engineers to design and create a product, and not a seller. Nevertheless, the idea to sell or market the technology falls under the umbrella of the sales and marketing team. They need to attract and engage the leads to close the deals in the future. Building different marketing strategies to increase sales and steering away from the outdated sales enablement and training direction is necessary. The future of sales enablement lies in advocating and incorporating sales business plans that focus on selling solutions to the problems of the customers rather than uttering out all the mugged up or standardized content. Everything boils down to making customer-centricity the focal point of every sales management strategy.

What is important for the customers when they’re trying to purchase your product? The reason to buy specifically from you and not your competition. This can be narrowed down by describing your value proposition vis-à-vis customer’s problems. Enable your sales teams to present your pitch around understanding the logic behind the customer’s interest in the product. To sum up, you need to cultivate a product value that differentiates you from your competition.

The sales reps need to ace the conversation with the help of the training collateral and customer-centricity. In simple terms, before presenting the key features to the prospects, the sellers should offer a unique value proposition and convey how it will help as an effective solution to the challenges faced by a particular customer.

Customer Messaging- The Solution Sales Enablement Framework

High-quality content is the top driver of sales.

In a tech industry, sales reps should be taught to make their conversation with the customers story-driven instead of repeating the old and uninteresting content. Customer messaging aids the sellers in assembling success stories of customers who have leveraged the product or solution in the past. This changes the sales enablement content strategy by advocating the use of a positive tale as a pitch and applying it to solve a customer’s current challenge.

The solutions result in either success or failure. The sales reps need to analyze and gather the lessons from the outcomes. The sales and marketing team needs to be consistent in messaging because the customer requires to have another perspective of the selling organization apart from the sales reps.

To drive a customer-oriented approach, constant customer messaging is vital to keep the customers interested. The sales enablement needs to follow a framework that commences with addressing the problems. The steps of the enablement program include the needs of the sales and marketing team, tools needed to complete a task, and understanding what will be the purpose of the task. After having cutting-edge and in-context training, the sales enablement team is now equipped to personalize the content and share the success stories of one customer with another. This benefits the organization by augmenting the brand value in the eyes of the new customers and helps the sales reps to express the problems’ solutions.

To leverage customer messaging to an optimum level, sales enablement leads in technology need to develop a content library and advanced training practices that focus on selling value. The more important question is if your content and training methods are doing any wonders for sales representatives' performance? Therefore, to summarize, a customer-centric approach and customer messaging are the best practices to tell the sales enablement of the tech sector apart from the mundane.

The future of sales enablement in tech industry is grounded on leveraging customer messaging and customer-oriented tools to train sales reps. It is the need of the hour for the tech organizations to invest in the best sales enablement software and tools to improve sales efficiency, surge content ROI, and nurture the pipeline to close more deals.

Waleed Shah
Project Manager

Waleed Shah is the Product Manager for Sattar Ventures LLC. Through the creation of viral VFX content, Waleed was contracted to Maker Studios (Disney Digital Network). He has worked on marketing campaigns for many iOS and Android applications including Disney, Marvel, and BMW USA. Freshly graduated from college, Waleed aims to take on the world of venture capital with his finance and biochemistry background.

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