A Totally Customized Sales Excellence Framework

Our sales excellence platform provides interactive standards that can be converted into a customized playbook for your organization. This allows you to scale and achieve performance goals as needed.

Starting with a Salesforce Competency Assessment

The first standard of EnableU's Sales Excellence Framework is to begin with a salesforce competency assessment.

After submitting a standardized salesforce assessment, your staff will receive totally individualized results with the information and tools you both need to understand their skillset and begin filling in your organizational sales gaps.

Designing Your Sales Structure

Without a strategically designed sales team, your salesforce is fighting an uphill battle. This step will empower you to methodically create roles by defining each position, mapping success metrics, and then place your sellers in the right roles based on their strengths and competencies.

The 2nd standard of EnableU's Sales Excellence Framework is "Designing Your Sales Structure"

Develop and Implement the Sales Planning Process

The third standard in our sales excellence framework is to develop and implement the Sales Planning Process
Once the structure is devised and optimized, it’s time to implement the sales planning process, which is one of the most critical phases of the framework. We will help you to create sales processes, manage account and territory planning, set an accurate sales quota, and more.

Sales Analytics and Insights

With your roles finalized, your sales structure is developed and your sales planning process is complete, we will provide you with best practices around critical sales metrics so that you are able to accurately forecast sales, identify future obstacles and areas to optimize, and meet your sales goal.

The fourth standard in our sales excellence framework is Sales Analytics and Insights


The fifth standard of our sales excellence framework is compensation
Understand and set the ideal compensation structure for your entire salesforce. Goals determine your sales teams’ focus, but compensation drives their behavior. Our compensation standard will provide you with different models for each of your roles.

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the sixth standard in our sales excellence framework. Within it, we’ll provide you all you need to personalize your sales team’s learning experiences, based on your existing goals and the results of your sales team’s skills assessment. Personalization, adaptive learning, and gamification drive our sales enablement program.

The sixth step of our sales excellence framework is Sales Enablement

Customer Success

The 7th and final step in our sales excellence framework is Customer Success
Sales excellence is about more than simply prospecting, closing a deal and converting your contacts into customers. It’s about increasing your customers’ lifetime value.