Sales Excellence Assessment
In enableu’s platform, individual salespeople are subject to assessment under a sales excellence plan, customized to the team to which they belong. Sales excellence assessments are rooted in three variables:

Performance: How well individuals perform and how well the team performs against goals.

Productivity: The level of productivity of everyone in the sales organization. Productivity addresses the question of how hard people are working, and also of how efficiently they are working.

Proficiency: How well are your team members absorbing training? How well are they applying training concepts to their daily work?
Sales Excellence Plan
A comprehensive sales excellence plan outlines the steps necessary for each of your team members to outperform expectations and help the organization reach its sales goals. Personalization is a critical element of our sales excellence plans, as every salesperson's goals should vary and reflect their standing in your organization, their potential, and their room for improvement.
Hiring & OnBoarding Tool
Sales excellence plans should include job descriptions for the different roles in the organization and the required skills for each. Setting the onboarding plan in stone also ensures that every salesperson has an equal opportunity when starting with the company. The onboarding plan outlines what the company expects of a salesperson in their first 30, 60, and 90 days, and vice versa. The details of their training schedule and the typical career ladder for people who excel are shown.