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Top 5 2020 Challenges of a Sales Officer

#1 - Sales Structure

Based on revenue, sales cycles and average deal size, what is the optimal sales structure and what type of reps should we invest in?
Channel Sales (2%)
Sales Operations (2%)
Pre Sales (3%)
Field sales Rep (10%)
Inside Sales (30%)
BDR/SDR (35%)

#2 - Recruiting The Right Rep

How do I hire the right person so they can hit the ground running?

#3 - Sales Readiness

How do I ensure my sales force has the right sales skills, product knowledge, tools and operations training to hit quota?

#4 - Predictability & Forecasting

What metrics, tools and process should be put in place and enforced to ensure that we hit our activity, pipeline, bookings and revenue goals?
Goal (100%)
Actual (95%)

#5 - Training & Development

How do I enable and train my sales force to increase productivity and ensure that they can hit or exceed their goals?
Earlier (20%)
Now (25%)
EnableU offers an all-in-one
sales excellence platform
that combines a proven
framework of standards
sales readiness and
enablement tools.


Increase predictability of your forecast by 100%


Increase the Adoption by 50%


Increase your LTV and Customer Renewable Revenue by 30%
Coaching Marketplace
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AI-Driven Learning Pathways
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Sales Performance Tools
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Quizzes &
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New Hire Onboarding and Readiness
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Sales Enablement

Curate tribal sales
knowledge and content from
any source to offer sales
content repositories and
playbooks that work.
Create, deliver and measure
sales enablement
micro-learning moments
to build high performing
sales teams.
Sales Excellence
Our proven sales excellence
framework auto-generates
a sales excellence plan,
targeted towards technology
sales leaders and customized
for your organization.
Sales Excellence Assessment
Sales Excellence Assessment rooted in 3 variables: Performance, Productivity, Proficiency
Sales Excellence Plan
Generate a personalized comprehensive excellence plan
Hiring & Onboarding Tools
Streamline onboarding through calendar
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Sales Readiness

Our AI-driven platform
automates the creation of personalized sales and
product trainings for
your team. Powerful
analytics give visibility
into what sellers
or partners are most
ready to succeed.

EnableU brings together all the important pieces which sales teams need to enable, execute, and rinse and repeat in a single tool.
Roderick Jefferson
Sales Enablement Thought Leader
Global Keynote Speaker
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